Our Technology

Fast web-based application designed for the 21st century

Our pure web-based platform is built on the latest technologies . No installation is required, it is accessible online from anywhere and is secured with the latest security standards, ensuring complete safety of information.

Fully multilingual

Natively multilingual, our technology can be used anywhere. Handling multiple languages was conceived from the start, with every aspect (from the interface, clinical forms and instructions to the template-driven notifications) seamlessly localizable during runtime, and with translation, dictation and transcription workflows built-in.

Completely secure

Developed with the latest security standards, our proprietary technology allows for fully secure information sharing. All medical data and physician information are encrypted and secured to prevent any possible data theft. 

  • End-to-end encryption
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Role-based access control
  • Full change history audit

Modern form technology

Our modern form technology allows for multiple use cases in any clinical domain or speciality. It is built with interoperability in mind, allowing integration with numerous other medical service providers. 

  • Supports large files of all types
  • Asynchronous upload doesn’t interrupt user’s work
  • Automatic saving

Advanced data-warehousing

We provide a simple solution for advanced data-warehousing by providing a structure to capture and access data from multiple sources. Our technology allows the creation of interactive dashboards in order to easily visualized your data and trends.

  • Role-based data access
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Designer included
  • Serve as data warehouse or integrate

Integrated interface engine

Our integrated interface engine allows for multiple integrations with healthcare services providers. We provide support and compliance with all relevant industry standards.

  • Supports all relevant standards (HL7 v2.x, v3, FHIR, IHE, DICOM etc.)
  • Interfaces with ADT, EHR, EMR, PACS, videoconference and scheduling systems, specialized clinical systems, etc.

Supports numerous uses

Built with scalability and versatility in mind, we support numerous relevant uses.

  • eConsults (requests and reports)
  • Complex multiparty collaboration
  • Dispatch and coordination
  • Centralised and decentralised
  • Archives
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Billing and cost analysis
  • Clinical call centre
  • Scheduling
  • Case management

Curious about the specialized solutions that we offer?