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Transforming the full continuum of care through an holistic suite of solutions

At Akinox, we're passionate about making a difference in people's lives through accessible, effective, and patient-centric digital healthcare solutions. 

  • As a proven technology partner with a track record of success with private and public institutions, we're committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients and their patients.
  • Our suite of products powered by the Akinox Linx platform facilitate access, enables seamless collaboration and maximize quality at scale.
  • Our solutions spans the complete care continuum and enables better outcomes for all actors, from providers and patients to administrators.
  • Whether you're a care provider, administrator, or partner, we're here to help you drive better outcomes, focusing on reaching the quintuple aim.
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Introducing Our Latest Solutions

Discover how Akinox drives impact through patient-centric solutions.

Patient Front Door  

Empower patients and their circle of care with actionable access to health services, while giving them control of their healthcare journey.

Make it easier for patients and caregivers to find relevant care services, navigate through different providers or organizations, book appointments, complete questionnaires and communicate with their care provider, while being able to stay on top of their care journeys.


Provide a secure and efficient way to share data by protecting sensitive information through consent management and revocation mechanisms, and allowing for credential verification through electronic signature. 

Patient Front Door Solution Results : 

  • 80%+ ease of patient follow-up
  • 77%+ better management of patient care
  • 100% reduction of the risk of losing information

Digital Credentials 

Allow privacy-focused credential issuance, verification and access to services for all actors in the healthcare system.

Our Digital Credentials Solution is a comprehensive suite offering a range of benefits, including the management identity-based admissibility criteria, allowing privacy-preserving disclosure and workflows and enabling safe and secure access for all actors.


Our multi-jurisdictional and flexible solution includes a circle of care, representation, and delegate management. It has automated and human-assisted verification flows, unsupervised document recognition, and strong authentication capabilities. Perfect for managing digital credentials.

Digital Credentials Solution Results : 

  • 4 governmental clients
  • 60 countries supported 
  • 6M+ downloads
  • #1 App Store Canada
  • 10M+ users
  • 60M+ saved in 2 years
  • 7M+ vaccine passports installed within Québec (VaxiCode and VaxiCode Vérif)
  • 1.5M+ vaccine passports installed outside Québec (Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador)

Solutions for the whole continuum

A range of solutions to help governments and healthcare organizations to increase efficiency.

Pandemic Response 

Take rapid action and make data-driven decisions with a powerful, scalable, and flexible automation technology.

Nobody from governments to health care professionals expects a next health crisis. Having the ability to react, identify cases, and access information quickly is essential in preparing for the next epidemic. That’s why the right resources, processes, policies, and support are needed across the globe in order to face a health emergency with increased confidence, ease, and comfort. Our technology aids in the fight by helping to automate manual, repetitive tasks and seamlessly integrate data for fast, easy access.


We support governments and regions in preparing and managing epidemiological response, and we’ll be there during the next health emergency. Using Akinox’s centralized, secure, and easy-to-use pandemic response solution, healthcare professionals can equip patients with the tools they need to self-assess and self-report, carry out contact tracing, process rapid diagnostic testing, identify symptoms, and more.

Pandemic Response Solution Results:

  • 12.8M+ processed test results
  • 9M+ citizen self-evaluations
  • 5M+ automated contact tracing
  • 900,000+ case investigations (24% self-reported)
  • 750+ years full-time equivalent saved
  • 7,500+ total public health users

Workflow Automation

Automate digital health to optimize virtual and hybrid care workflows, reduce manual labor, eliminate silos and bridge communication gaps.

Break free from the constraints of manual, time-intensive processes like faxing patient documents. Health automation allows medical teams to streamline workflows, reduce wait times, and improve patient satisfaction to deliver patient-centric care—all without sacrificing healthcare quality.

With our innovative services and solutions, there’s no need for bulky machines and outdated workflows. Akinox provides a single digital point of entry with integrated workflows between clinicians and end-users, streamlining health service transitions and allowing clinicians and patients to find the information and resources they need faster.

Workflow Automation Solution Results: 

  • 85%+ improvement in the quality of care
  • 77%+ better management of patient care
  • 77%+ improvement in process fluidity
  • 80%+ availability of information at all times
  • 80%+ ease of patient follow-up
  • 100% reduction of the risk of losing information

Virtual Care and Care Coordination 

Distance shouldn't be a barrier to providing quality care. Patients should be able to receive the same quality of care they're used to getting at the hospital from the comfort of home—and Akinox is committed to helping health care professionals achieve that.

Our virtual care coordination suite automates virtual workflows including eConsult, eReferral, surgical coordination and early discharge.


Akinox's modern solutions, such as virtual care, automation, and remote patient monitoring, empower patients to take control of their health journey with a complete patient portal, regular reporting, real-time communication with medical professionals, video consultations, visit coordination, simple patient scheduling, and more.

Virtual Care Solution Results*:

  • 6,000+ eConsults made
  • 40%+ specialist referrals avoided
  • 57%+ improvement in family doctor action plans
  • 50%+ consulting cost reduction in the first year
  • 97% positivity rating by family doctors
  • 2-day average response time

*in collaboration with Québec College of Family Physicians


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