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Early Child Disability
Screening Solution

Identify and diagnose developmental challenges as early as possible, using technology to standardise and streamline complex diagnostic workflows.



Development Monitoring

Early detection is critical when it comes to childhood development disorders. Use technology to quickly detect potential deviations in child development among the same age group as early as possible, such as during 18-month vaccinations.



Early Action Screenings

Provide interactive surveys for parents and establish child development profiles with the deployment of a digital screening platform. Akinox Diagnostix makes it easy and efficient to generate robust, automated questionnaires, which can then be filled out by parents from the convenience and comfort of home.



Helpful Interventions

Offer services that meet the needs of children and family members struggling with early child learning and developmental challenges. Using the healthcare workers’ portal, clinicians can easily access and analyse survey results as soon as they receive them, saving valuable time while determining the optimal intervention for each child.

Why Choose Akinox Diagnostix


Easy User Experience

Developed with a strong focus on the user experience, Akinox’s digital screening portal is easily used by clinicians, families, and more.

Streamlined Workflows

Our interactive platform streamlines complex diagnostic workflows, allowing parents to easily access and answer surveys from home.

Configurable Solution

Leverage a diagnostic platform that’s easy to use and customise, with complete flexibility to configure the solution based on your needs.

Secure Environment

Rigorous approvals, access codes, and other built-in security protocols ensure private data is safeguarded and secure.

Multiple Use Cases

Akinox Diagnostix can also be custom-configured to identify disorders in adults, such as for diagnosing dementia in older individuals.

Seamless Referrals

Support families throughout the continuum of services, with easy referrals allowing for close collaboration between key players.

Early Child Learning & Development Screening Results*


Survey cycles initiated since launch


Investigations leading to required services


Surveys submitted since launch


*in collaboration with the Québec government

Explore the Solution

Discover some of the main features of Akinox Diagnostix: The Early Childhood Disability Screening Solution


Work with a partner who serves as a true extension of your team

At Akinox, we do more than just provide healthcare technology—we are here to support it. We’re committed to being reliable, accountable partners who provide healthcare organisations and governments with support and guidance, every step of the way.


Getting Started With Akinox

Getting started is simple: Akinox’s government partners can expect a custom-tailored solution designed to meet their unique needs, as well as a painless, guided onboarding process, with regular communication, comprehensive training and education, and strong, dedicated support whenever it’s needed. 


Onboarding & Implementation

Implementing new technology shouldn’t be a headache—and with Akinox, it never is. We work alongside healthcare organisations, governments, and IT teams to guide the onboarding and implementation, ensuring that everything is set up for clear, tangible success from day one and that our platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems.


Training, Education & Support

Akinox consists of credible experts in all things related to healthcare and public health. That’s why we always work alongside the healthcare organisations and government officials we partner with to provide comprehensive training and education, as well as strong customer support.

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Use modern technology to identify developmental challenges and intervene early in support of childhood learning.