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Hear from Akinox clients ranging from international and national to regional and local.

  • “The platform has a positive impact on our performance since it is compatible and integrates well with the aspects of our work and the way we work.”


  • Jacob Serebrin Logo

    “Cybersecurity experts say the Québec COVID-19 vaccine passport is safe, a model for the country.”

    Jacob Serebrin

    The Canadian Press

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    “What's exciting about this platform is that we're finally putting processes in place that will really help kids. I know that in the long term, we will see an impact in the academic success rate in high school and university.”

    Clinical Worker Agir tôt Project

  • Marlène Mercier Logo

    “Using Akinox Pandemic Response, we were able to better manage the volume of cases, with automated contact tracing. It allowed us to best leverage our frontline workers to contain the spread of the disease. It has been an important part of our strategy to fight the disease.”

    Marlène Mercier

    Director of the Health Watch, Deputy Directorate General of Public Health Protection, Québec, Canada

  • Paul Merriman Logo

    “Using the SK Vax Verifier app is a quick, easy way to determine if a customer is fully vaccinated according to provincial criteria…”

    Paul Merriman

    Health Minister, Saskatchewan

  • Dave Heffernan Logo

    “Thanks to you and your team for delivering a great product in a very short time frame. You have been true professionals and good collaborators throughout the process and are incredibly agile and innovative.”

    Dave Heffernan

    Deputy Minister, Digital Government Chief Information Officer, NL

  • Dr Horacio Arruda Logo

    “We have implemented a new platform called Akinox which allows you to manage contacts. It will automate many operations which will prevent a nurse from taking half an hour to speak to the patient. So, we gave ourselves technological tools to increase the capacity of investigators...”

    Dr Horacio Arruda

    Former National Public Health Director and Assistant Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Québec, Canada

  • Dr Hanna Logo

    “With the highly secure platform acquired by the Ministry of Health and Social Services, some well-targeted clinical information and some well-taken clinical photos, that's enough for dermatologists to be able to make a diagnosis and suggest a course of action to the doctor who, himself, assessed the patient.”

    Dr Hanna

    President of Québec Association of Dermatologists

  • Christian Dubé Logo

    “We have a good application of several things. It is an element that is part of the health plan, which improves the patient experience and how we deal with information technologies.”

    Christian Dubé

    Québec Health Minister

  • Dr Hanna Logo

    “Teledermatology is the most powerful tool to improve access to dermatology. Between 50 to 75% of patients can be treated by teledermatology and do not need to be seen in person. Dermatology is a specialty of the image. Our analysis is based on a visual analysis of the disease.”

    Dr Hanna

    President of the Québec Association of Dermatologists

  • Dr Vincent Oliva Logo

    “It's the beginning, if you will, of a new era, because there will indeed be other initiatives.”

    Dr Vincent Oliva

    President of the Québec Federation of Medical Specialists

  • “Information is easy to find. There’s real-time access for various users. The platform is easy to use for a dinosaur like me...The software is not slow and is pleasant to use. Simple. The visual is well done.”

    Clinical Worker

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    “At last! I've been working in paediatrics for 39 years and since the beginning we've been dreaming about having a program like this one!”

    Clinical Worker Agir tôt Project

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    “Wow! It's such a helpful work tool, I wish I had access to the platform at the beginning of my career! It would have saved me a lot of time.”

    Clinical Worker Agir tôt Project

  • Thomas Siarkos Logo

    “Using the verification app to check a customer’s vaccine status before offering them a table – it’s very simple and very easy to use.”

    Thomas Siarkos

    Co-Owner of Memories Dining & Bar, Saskatchewan

  • “We feel a lot the need for information coming from family doctors. Some of them still use our pager when we're on call to ask questions that can basically be answered by eConsult. The advantage is that I can answer when I feel like it, at the end of the day, without having to interrupt a visit with someone in a day.”

    Françoise Giard


  • “This platform not only optimizes access to specialist doctors, but also significantly reduces the number of irrelevant appointments.”

    Dr Dumas-Pilon

    Family Doctor

  • “My patients are finally saying, medicine is at the pulse of technology! There is a very high rate of satisfaction, and those who still need to be seen in person are satisfied, because there is a reassuring side to knowing that we have spoken to the specialist, that yes, there will be a wait, but that it is ok, that there is nothing dangerous.”

    Dr Annabelle Lévesques Chouinard

    Family Doctor

  • “The project offers remarkable insights into reducing patient waiting times. The results of the impact analysis are conclusive and generate enthusiasm among the partners.”

    Veronique Nabelsi, PhD

  • “The solution makes it easy to access patient file numbers, find medical notes and avoid duplication of work.”

    Medical Secretary

  • “The platform provides accurate information in an easy-to-interpret format in which we can perform our tasks when we need to.”

    Navigator, CUSM

  • “The quality of the platform facilitates its use in operational reality.”

    Clinical Nurse

  • Dr Paul Le Guerrier Logo

    “In Québec, using self-administered questionnaires has resulted in significant productivity and efficiency gains. Previously, telephone interviews and completing questionnaires took anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to complete. The first call [to identify at-risk contacts], now only takes 5 or 6 minutes! This helps us to considerably increase our capacity.”

    Dr Paul Le Guerrier

    Infectious Disease Physician, Montréal Public Health Department

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