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Pandemic Response Solution

Take rapid action and make data-driven decisions during COVID-19 and other public health emergencies with powerful, scalable, and flexible automation technology.


Data-Driven Pandemic Response

Outbreak Detection

Use real-time case data to identify outbreaks and priority populations, rapidly stop the spread during a pandemic, and effectively address nationally notifiable diseases.


Automated Case Management

Case Management

Leverage automated case and contact self-reporting, smart triage, and multi-modal communications for increased case management agility and efficiency.


Efficient Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing

Automate and digitise contact tracing to scale across jurisdictions and maximise existing resources, enabling healthcare staff to focus on more important, meaningful work.


Streamlined Virtual Care

Virtual Care

Streamline real-time and asynchronous telehealth consultations to align with social distancing mandates and treat patients from the comfort of home.


Digital Proof of Vaccine

Vaccine Passport

Verify any vaccination status with ease, accuracy, and efficiency with a QR code system, portal for issuing electronic proof, and award-winning mobile applications.

Why Choose Akinox Pandemix


Workflow & System Integration

Integrate rapidly with all workflows and systems, using seamless, powerful automation capabilities to eliminate faxes and other manual, repetitive tasks for maximum efficiency.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Leverage real-time data from multiple sources and decision-tree algorithms to enhance clinical support and make better decisions with clearer, more accurate information.

Flexible, Scalable Solutions

Deploy a rapidly scalable, flexible, and interoperable solution to accommodate the evolving needs of healthcare patients and organisations, as well as the pandemic.

Centralised, Secure Data

Centralise private patient data with the utmost confidence that it will be safeguarded through role-based access controls and regulatory compliance.

Pandemic-Proven Results

Leverage technology expertly designed to rapidly scale across jurisdictions, with proven results for the Québec government and other Canadian public health authorities.

Reduced Care Burden

Leverage geolocation, smart triage, and more to coordinate all levels of care, make the most efficient use of valuable resources, and protect healthcare workers from exposure.

Our Pandemic Response Results


processed test results


citizen self-evaluations


automated contact tracing


case investigations (24% self-reported)


years full-time equivalent saved (~$60 million)


total public health users


less hotline calls


vaccine passports within Québec (VaxiCode and VaxiCode Vérif)


vaccine passports outside Québec (SK Vax Verifier, NLVaxPass and NLVaxVerify)

Explore the Solution

Discover some of the main features of Akinox Pandemix: The Pandemic Response Solution

Accountable Partners

Work with a partner who serves as a true extension of your team

At Akinox, we do more than just provide healthcare technology—we are here to support it. We’re committed to being reliable, accountable partners who provide governments and public health with support and guidance, every step of the way.


Getting Started With Akinox

Getting started is simple: Akinox’s government partners can expect a painless, guided onboarding process, with regular communication, comprehensive training and education, and strong, dedicated support whenever it’s needed.

Having worked alongside multiple governments, we know that each has unique needs, and we’re committed to tailoring our services and solutions to accommodate them. That’s why before getting started with implementation, we work together to clearly understand each client’s needs and then customise our platform to accommodate them effectively.

Our proven, agile methodology is based on collaboration, allowing us to deliver the best possible solution for each and every government and organisation we partner with.


Onboarding & Implementation

Implementing new technology shouldn’t be a headache—and with Akinox, it never is. We work alongside government officials and IT staff to guide onboarding and implementation, ensuring the platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems and that everything is set up for clear, tangible success from day one.


Training, Education & Support

Akinox consists of credible experts in all things related to healthcare and public health. That’s why we always work alongside the government officials we partner with to provide comprehensive training and education, as well as strong customer support.

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