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Careers at Akinox 

Join a team of talented problem solvers, collaborators, and innovators dedicated to improving population health for the greater good.


Impactful Work

Why Join Team Akinox

Employees love being part of Team Akinox. Here’s why:


Unique environment

Virtual offices give you the flexibility to work the way you want to, whether at home or at the beach. All you need is an internet connection!

Work-life balance

We don’t make you choose between your personal and professional lives. Control your performance and achieve the perfect balance with flexible hours and policies.

Innovative team

Accelerate your career by working with a team of talented, innovative, and energetic people who are truly passionate about what they do.

Competitive Pay

Our compensation package includes competitive compensation and five weeks of vacation—regardless of your tenure with the company.

Self-Organizing Team

In line with the established direction, our teams operate with autonomy. By working together in their own way, they have the flexibility to manage their progress, responsibilities, and enhance their skills.

Inclusive environment

Inclusivity is very important to us. In fact, 40% of our team members are women—something that’s super rare in the IT industry!

Meet the Team

Our talented team of unique and diverse experts is the key to Akinox's success

Made up of 100+ of the industry's most innovative designers, developers, marketers, consultants, and experts, Team Akinox is motivated by our common passion for improving healthcare.


Our Mission and Vision

Imagine a healthy, inclusive world where holistic human health is truly at the centre of services offered by healthcare organisations and communities. That’s our goal at Akinox.

More than just a software company, we’re committed to being real agents of change, seeking to make a real difference in people's lives by developing digital solutions that enable accessible, effective, collaborative, and patient-centric care. We know the possible reach of innovation, and are determined to make the most out of it, modernising healthcare systems with our transformative, groundbreaking technologies and services.


Our Social Impact

At Akinox, we are interested in the overall value we create for people and society, beyond achieving economic goals. Limiting our carbon footprint is very important to us. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering human-centred, equitable and ecological solutions.


Our Inspiration

Do you dream of doing impactful work and making a difference in healthcare? Come participate in the modernisation of health services! At Akinox, cause partnership, commitment to customers, successful project outcomes, and team dedication are all very important—and we’re looking for like-minded people to join our team.

Our people are our greatest resource, and they’re the best in the biz. Why? Because our work family truly cares about the well-being of others, and we’re dedicated to using our talents to make a real, positive impact in healthcare. For us, for you, for everyone.

What We Stand For


We are Solution-Oriented

At Akinox, we take an active, creative approach to getting things done. We are 100% focused on finding positive and constructive answers to the challenges we face.


We are Caring

Here, we collaborate rather than compete, we look for winning solutions as a team, we accept divergent perceptions, and we consider each other as equals, while ensuring that everyone's limits are respected and understood at all times.


We are Service-Focused

We embrace collaboration with our customers, and find satisfaction in the joint achievement of common goals and mutually beneficial results. We build lasting, high-quality relationships based on trust.


We are Humble

Humility is in our DNA. We listen, we're transparent, we're vulnerable. We're proud of our accomplishments and know how to celebrate our great victories, all the while maintaining a modest and respectful attitude towards others. Even when we succeed, we ask ourselves the right questions so that we can always do better next time.


And most of all, we have Fun

The patient is at the heart of our mission, but pleasure is sincerely at the heart of our work. Even when we're working from home, we create pleasant moments for getting together. We're constantly working to build strong bonds between us to foster a positive, healthy, and fun working atmosphere.

Life at Akinox

As an all-remote organisation, we go the extra mile to make work fun and collaborative!
Get a firsthand look at our unique company culture.


Let's Transform Healthcare Together

Job Title Location
BI Specialist Remote
DevOps Remote
Leader UX Design Remote