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Virtual Care Solution

Offer unified, seamless telehealth experiences and secure communications with a modern,  user-friendly virtual care solution.


Modern Virtual Care

Video Consultations

Streamline both real-time and asynchronous telehealth video consultations and diagnostics to help keep patients closer to home.


Care Access From Home

Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitor patients safely and securely from a distance, keeping them out of overcrowded hospitals so they can experience the benefits of home care.


Better Collaboration

Real-Time Communications

Foster secure, real-time, and unified communications between patients and medical professionals, with Zoom and Teams integrations.


Coordinated Care

Visit Coordination

Connect medical professionals and reduce the need for referrals by up to 40%, relying on healthcare professionals' administrative portal and integrated solutions across silos to improve visit coordination.


Seamless Referrals

Patient Referrals

Enable painless, seamless, coordinated patient referral processes, improving full traceability and visibility to streamline transitions across health services.


Patient Activation

Patient Portal

Give patients complete, secure visibility into care processes and treatments, empowering them to be their own care advocates and improving satisfaction.


Simple Self-Scheduling

Patient Scheduling

Allow patients to schedule medical appointments from their own device, whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.


Powerful Business Intelligence

Regular Reporting

Integrate with electronic health records and use powerful business intelligence to make data-driven decisions with custom reporting tools.


Simplified Research

Applied Research

Simplify research and experimentation, shorten analysis and time to publish, and narrow the gap between research and applied clinical practice.​

Why Choose Akinox Telemedix


Patient Autonomy

Give patients full autonomy and health ownership by giving them full visibility into their care trajectory and easy access to a user-friendly portal.

At-Home Care

Care for patients from the comfort of home, leveraging remote patient monitoring to avoid unnecessary consultations, testing, and visits to overcrowded hospitals.

Enhanced Communication

Enhance communications between patients and medical professionals with secure, seamless information sharing that protects patients’ private health data.

Optimised Workflows

Automate and optimise virtual care workflows to save time and money, improve operational efficiency, and minimise in-person stays and unnecessary testing.

Reduced Inefficiencies

Use digital health automation to eliminate manual, time-intensive, low-value processes that are often error-prone and inefficient for healthcare organisations.

Care Coordination

Break free of silos and bridge the gaps between people, processes, and systems for enhanced care coordination that improves quality.

Our Virtual Care Results


e-consults made


specialist referrals avoided


improvement in family doctor action plans


consulting cost reduction in the first year


positivity rating by family doctors


average response time

Explore the Solution

Discover some of the main features of Akinox Telemedix: The Virtual Care Solution

Accountable Partners

Work with a partner who serves as a true extension of your team

At Akinox, we do more than just provide healthcare technology—we are here to support it. We’re committed to being reliable, accountable partners who provide healthcare organisations and governments with support and guidance, every step of the way.


Getting Started With Akinox

Getting started is simple: Akinox’s partners can expect a custom-tailored virtual care solution designed to meet their unique needs, as well as a painless, guided onboarding process, with regular communication, comprehensive training and education, and strong, dedicated support whenever it’s needed.


Onboarding & Implementation

Implementing and integrating new technology shouldn’t be a headache—and with Akinox, it never is. Our team works alongside our partners to guide the onboarding and implementation process, ensuring that everything is set up for clear, tangible success from day one and that our platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems.


Training, Education & Support

Akinox consists of credible experts in all things related to healthcare and public health. That’s why we always work alongside the healthcare organisations, IT teams, and government officials we partner with to provide comprehensive training and education, as well as strong customer support.

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