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Digital Health Automation

Embrace digital health automation to optimise care workflows, reduce manual labour, eliminate silos, bridge gaps, and say goodbye to outdated technology like faxes.




Workflow Efficiency

Achieve Patient-Centred Care with Automation

Work smarter without sacrificing quality of care. Akinox’s digital health automation solution helps healthcare organisations minimise manual workflows, get rid of outdated technologies (bye, fax machines!), streamline processes, and eliminate silos that impede patient management.



Maximise Care Quality for Better Outcomes

Automating and digitising not only improves efficiency, but also helps to connect all actors, establish integrated practice units and complex interdisciplinary plans, and bridge the gaps between people, processes, and systems. In doing so, you can maximise the quality and value of patient care, with a focus on the most impactful, meaningful task at hand: delivering patient-centric care and positive outcomes.


Unify Care Around the Patient

Healthcare is transforming—and leading healthcare organisations and care teams are following suit. Akinox’s Digimatix solutions empower public and private groups to maximise healthcare quality and value, for everyone.

Streamlined Consultations

Improve the way that healthcare patients and professionals communicate. With Akinox’s solution, foster secure, streamlined communications between patients and all relevant care teams.

Seamless Patient Referrals

Care transitions should be painless for both healthcare patients and professionals. Use Akinox's solution to connect primary care practitioners and specialists and enable seamless, coordinated patient referral processes.


Modern Patient Portal

Create a digital hub for all things healthcare. House all resources, data, and communications in one convenient, accessible location to enhance the patient journey and improve operational efficiency.

Virtual Care Experiences

Offer a virtual care experience that improves patient access and mirrors in-office operations. Use the virtual care solution to easily streamline real-time and asynchronous telehealth consultations and diagnostics.


Continuous Improvement

Healthcare and technology are ever-evolving, and so are we. Deploy a digital health automation solution that’s constantly improving, with a regular feedback cycle and care innovation for healthcare patients, administrators, and professionals.

Applied Research

Leverage real-time data on service quality, public health, patient experience, and clinical feedback to simplify research, enhance decision-making, and narrow the gap between studies and applied clinical practice.


Why Choose Akinox Digimatix


Workflow Efficiency

Automate manual tasks and optimise processes to improve efficiency and focus on more important, meaningful work.

Care Coordination

Streamlines transitions across health services for enhanced care coordination across the healthcare continuum.

Integrated Solutions

Integrate solutions across silos, patient journeys, and health service transitions for seamless, patient-centric care.

Healthcare Expertise

Automate and integrate workflows with technology designed by a team that really knows the industry and its challenges, with support from clinicians.

Real-World Results

Implement a solution with tangible, proven results demonstrated across the entire healthcare continuum.

Continuous Innovation

Choose a partner that’s committed to continuous improvement and innovation to help simplify your daily operations.

Our Digital Health Automation Results


improvement in quality of patient care


greater availability of information


better management of patient care

Explore the Solution

Discover some of the main features of Akinox Digimatix: Digital Health Automation Services

Accountable Partners

Work with a partner who serves as a true extension of your team

At Akinox, we do more than just provide healthcare technology—we are here to support it. We’re committed to being reliable, accountable partners who provide healthcare organisations and governments with support and guidance, every step of the way.


Getting Started With Akinox

Getting started is simple: Akinox’s partners can expect a custom-tailored virtual care solution designed to meet their unique needs, as well as a painless, guided onboarding process, with regular communication, comprehensive training and education, and strong, dedicated support whenever it’s needed.


Onboarding & Implementation

Implementing and integrating new technology shouldn’t be a headache—and with Akinox, it never is. Our team works alongside our partners to guide the onboarding and implementation process, ensuring that everything is set up for clear, tangible success from day one and that our platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems.


Training, Education & Support

Akinox consists of credible experts in all things related to healthcare and public health. That’s why we always work alongside the healthcare organisations, IT teams, and government officials we partner with to provide comprehensive training and education, as well as strong customer support.

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Maximise healthcare quality and improve patient outcomes with powerful workflow automation.