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Québec City Healthcare Industry Forum

During the 15th edition of the Québec City Healthcare Industry Forum (QCHIF) in December 2021 and organized by Québec International and the Québec VITAE key cluster, our CEO and Founder Alexander Dahl had the opportunity to discuss during an interview the history of Akinox through its mission to transform healthcare systems to truly put the patient at the center of care through digital health, automation of care processes and trajectories, telemedicine and the implementation of virtual care across Québec.

Alexander Dahl explained more about the origins and strengths of Akinox and its digital platform that was called upon, notably by the Québec government, to help manage the technology of the COVID-19 pandemic by saving over 600 person-years of public health workers through automation since the beginning of the health crisis. Also, other provinces in Canada have benefited from Québec's Smart Health Cards (SHC) initiative, such as Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador using mobile applications like Vaxicode and Vaxicode Verify.

In this interview, you will also discover how Akinox's digital platform is also being used for provincial programs such as "Agir tôt and Virtual Care in Québec and is attracting as much interest internationally.
Discover the video of this interview below or click here (only available in French):


"The value of technology is to accompany a transformation of service delivery and to facilitate access to services and care for patients. (...) A truly patient-centric hospital should be a hospital without patients. It should have as few patients as possible and the majority of care should be closer to patients and closer to home. And in the 21st century, we have a long way to go to accomplish that (...) It's the mission of a lifetime."
Alexander Dahl, President and Founder of Akinox.
 The Quebec Governement optimized its public health response capabilities with help from Akinox