Akinox Pandemic Response

Accelerate citizen aid & scale contract tracing across the population

Akinox Pandemic Response
Accurate, real-time data is needed by different stakeholders to help public health authorities, healthcare institutions and different levels of government work in concert to best control a pandemic. Akinox offers an integrated contact tracing and virtual care solution to manage cases and contain an outbreak.

The Akinox Pandemic Response Platform Enables You to:​

Rapidly Integrate with Established Workflows & Systems

  • Take advantage of interoperability to incorporate data from the public health authorities (PHA), laboratories, and information systems, in real-time or scheduled upload 
  • Fundamental to the success of the Akinox solutions is a framework comprised of flexible, scalable and integrated building blocks that re-configure & adapt to coordinate almost any healthcare workflow, whatever the city, state or country
  • With the flexibility of the Akinox solution and its modular nature, integration and deployment is executed in record time

Empower & Support All Citizens During a Pandemic

  • Enable citizens to self-assess & self-report directly into the centralized system with secure, easy to use web-based access 
  • Provide quick alerts & directives for self-isolation to at-risk contacts to effectively stem the transmission of the virus
  • Check-in on infected citizens to provide reminders, gather follow-up responses or help them transition to the next steps in the recommended protocols
  • Coordinate communication of lab results to citizens
  • Ensure data security and privacy protection 

Make Better Decisions with a Clearer, More Accurate Picture

  • Centralize and synchronize data from multiple sources for a single and united source of truth on the state of the pandemic 
  • Enable citizens to directly enter information on themselves for reduced data errors and faster data entry
  • Generate real-time, visual reports for improved insight and stronger actions – at the granular or aggregate level
  • Analyze case data and contact outcomes to identify outbreaks and areas at most risk
  • Use evolving decision tree algorithms and geolocation intelligence to proactively identify and visualize changes needed to best mobilize resources

Use the Power of Secure Virtual Care & Telemedicine

  • Bring the tools proven in effective telemedicine to facilitate interactions during a pandemic, while supporting social distancing protocols
  • Effectively engage the right people whether citizens, front-line workers, nurse practitioners or specialists
  • Streamline, real-time and asynchronous, telehealth consultations and diagnostics

Automate Work to Better Use Resources & Scale Contact Tracing to Millions

  • Automate case & contact tracing, investigation & follow-up to free-up valuable resources
  • The automation capabilities delivered by the Akinox solution is key to enabling the scaling of case management and contact tracing across a large population 
  • The Akinox Pandemic Response platform has enabled public health authorities to ease the burden on front-line healthcare workers, reducing the volume of hotline calls by over 50%, and delivering a return on the initial investment in less than a month of being deployed