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Integrated digital healthcare solutions: designed for the future, deployed today

Be ready to empower and support all citizens and populations during the next health emergency

Offer the seamless, intuitive virtual care experiences that patients today look for

Identify learning and development disorders in young children as early as possible

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Leverage the healthcare of tomorrow, today

Akinox is a proven technology partner that develops, implements and supports integrated digital healthcare solutions through platforms, products and services that empower public and private efforts to maximise quality and value in transforming the entire continuum of patient care. See for yourself the impact that Akinox is making.



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  • For too long, healthcare organisations and government agencies have struggled to find technology that meets the growing needs of their staff and patients. Siloed healthcare services have roadblocked innovation, preventing the move towards more efficient, quality, patient-centric care.
  • At Akinox, we're committed to achieving greater outcomes for patients. Since 2010, our technology has connected patients directly with healthcare providers. 
  • We offer a range of solutions for various health scenarios, from virtual care and digital process automation to early childhood learning & development disability diagnosis, pandemic response, and more.
  • Proud to be a trusted government partner, Akinox met and exceeded expectations amid the COVID-19 pandemic by delivering efficient, robust, and easy-to-use solutions. With years of industry experience, we understand our clients’ needs and deliver solutions with confidence.
  • We've developed the tools to implement an agile, responsive and collaborative approach to better serve our clients.


How Akinox Serves Healthcare Pioneers

Leveraging industry expertise, we preempt the solutions our customers are looking for in a comprehensive, digital healthcare platform. We partner with the world's leading clinicians, researchers, and healthcare administrators to maximise quality and value in ways that positively impact the entire healthcare system, all while ensuring the best possible patient outcomes.

Pandemic Response and COVID-19

Nobody from governments to healthcare professionals expects a health crisis like COVID-19. Having the ability to react, identify cases, and access information quickly is essential during a pandemic. That’s why the right resources, processes, policies, and support are needed across the globe in order to face a health emergency with increased confidence, ease, and comfort. Technology aids in the fight by helping to automate manual, repetitive tasks and seamlessly integrate data for fast, easy access.


We've supported the Québec Government and several other provincial governments during the current pandemic, and we’ll be there during the next health emergency. Using Akinox’s centralised, secure, and easy-to-use pandemic response solution, healthcare professionals can equip patients with the tools they need to self-assess and self-report, carry out contact tracing, process rapid diagnostic testing, identify symptoms, deliver vaccine passeports and more.

Results for Akinox's Pandemic Response Solution:

  • 12.8 million+ processed test results
  • 9 million+ citizen self-evaluations
  • 5 million+ automated contact tracing
  • 900,000+ case investigations (24% self-reported)
  • 750+ years full-time equivalent saved (~$60 million)
  • 7,500+ total public health users
  • 8,5 million vaccine passeports through VaxiCode, VaxiCode Verif (Québec), SK Vax Verifier (Saskatchewan), NLVaxPass and NLVaxVerify (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Virtual Care and Care Coordination 

Distance shouldn't be a barrier to providing quality care. Patients should be able to receive the same quality of care they're used to getting at the hospital from the comfort of home—and Akinox is committed to helping healthcare professionals achieve that.


Akinox's modern solutions, such as virtual care, automation, and remote patient monitoring, empower patients to take control of their health journey with a complete patient portal, regular reporting, real-time communication with medical professionals, video consultations, visit coordination, simple patient scheduling, and more.

Virtual Care Results*:

  • 6,000+ e-consults made
  • 40%+ specialist referrals avoided
  • 56%+ improvement in family doctor action plans
  • 50%+ consulting cost reduction in the first year
  • 97% positivity rating by family doctors
  • 2-day average response time

*in collaboration with Québec College of Family Physicians


Early Child Disability Screening

Traditional diagnostic processes can be cumbersome and difficult to interpret. Using modern solutions, healthcare professionals can now identify developmental challenges as early as possible, putting technology at the service of helping children.


In partnership with government entities, Akinox provides medical teams and patients alike with the tools they need to navigate early childhood learning and development disability diagnosis. We make it easy for patients, parents, and teachers to be actively involved in the patient journey and provide their child, student, or loved one with top-quality care from the most adept providers.

Early Child Disability Diagnostics Results*:

  • 18,462+ survey cycles initiated since launch
  • 94% investigations leading to required services
  • 54,596+ surveys submitted since launch

*in collaboration with the Québec Government

Digital Health Automation

Break free from the constraints of manual, time-intensive processes like faxing patient documents. Health automation allows medical teams to streamline workflows, reduce wait times, and improve patient satisfaction to deliver patient-centric care—all without sacrificing healthcare quality.

With our innovative services and solutions, there’s no need for bulky machines and outdated workflows. Akinox provides a single digital point of entry with integrated workflows between clinicians and end-users, streamlining health service transitions and allowing clinicians and patients to find the information and resources they need faster.

Digital Health Automation Results: 

  • +85% improvement in the quality of care
  • +77% better management of patient care
  • +77% improvement in process fluidity
  • +80% availability of information at all times
  • +80% ease of patient follow-up
  • 100% reduction of the risk of losing information

Systems of care for the COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients

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Explain each of the solutions and how they may apply to prospective customers and their pain points. There should be a focus on how all four solutions come together and how they link together. In addition it is important to state that Akinox provides coexisting.

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A Universal Solution for Healthcare Excellence

Some healthcare platforms get weighed down with a complicated tech stack, which can slow down internal processes and jeopardise patient satisfaction.

  • Our comprehensive, interoperable, web-based platform is built with the latest technologies to keep you one step ahead of the curve, and backed by ISO 9001 and ISO/ICE 27001 certifications that confirm our solutions are appropriate, effective, and continually improved.
  • Leverage Akinox’s adaptable, scalable, innovative platform to deliver patient-centric care without compromising your security standards or putting confidential health information at risk.
  • End-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and full change history audit to keep your information protected at all times. Role-based data access and interactive dashboards allow for building advanced data-warehousing and assessing data-related trends.
  • Akinox’s interoperability allows for asynchronous upload and seamless integration with EHRs, EMRs, ADT, PACS, video conferencing, and scheduling solutions used by clinical teams in any care setting, from acute care to community health.
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We Work the Way You Do

At Akinox, we know what you're up against. For more than a decade, we have developed and deployed a wide range of digital health solutions to promote better patient outcomes and greater continuity of care.

  • Our expertise, strong partnerships, and data-driven approach give us unique insight into the evolving needs of today’s healthcare patients and professionals.
  • You need an accountable digital health technology partner who understands your workflows, processes, goals, and limitations. That’s us.
  • We can provide support and solutions tailored to your needs, serving as a true extension of your team.
  • Together, we’ll help you realise patient-focused care.
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From the very beginning, Akinox has been deeply committed to serving the evolving needs of patients and professionals across the care continuum

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, we built a name for ourselves as a trustworthy partner and experienced leader in healthcare and technology innovation. We envision a future where all citizens and populations have access to customised healthcare plans that enable them to lead healthier, happier lives—and we’re bringing that vision to life with our proven, cutting-edge solutions.

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