We help slow and control the spread of COVID-19 to help protect you, your family and your community.

Accelerate & Scale

Aid to Citizens Contact Tracing Virtual Care Outbreak Management

Across the Population

The Akinox Pandemic Response Platform:

Empowers citizens with self-reporting to speed Public Health mobilizations
Streamlines case investigations & contact tracing to augment capacity and efficiency of contact tracers
Enables virtual care to increase access and triage patients
Safe transition of care for a comprehensive patient plan of care
Designed to evolve and last for the long term for multi-institutional collaborations and workflows

Responding to COVID-19:
- Akinox in Action -

The Akinox Pandemic Response Platform is currently helping the province of Québec to contain & control the impact of COVID-19

"We have implemented a new platform called Akinox which allows you to manage contacts ... it will automate many operations ... which will prevent a nurse from taking half an hour to speak to the patient. So, we gave ourselves technological tools to increase the capacity of investigators ..."

Dr Horacio Arruda
National Public Health Director and Assistant Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Health and Social Services
"If I have four contacts for which I can easily have an automated intervention, I can concentrate on many more cases … So the advantage is huge"

Marlène Mercier
Director of the Health Watch Deputy Directorate General of Public Health
"It’s really the same system as if it had been a telephone system, except that it’s automated, which greatly increases the scope of our action…"

Paul-Georges Rossi
Director of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control, Deputy Directorate of Public Health Protection

Our Platforms

eHealth workflow automation platforms to improve the quality of care patients receive, reduce wait time and enhance access for all

Our Technology

Web Architecture that is extremely flexible & modern, available in the cloud or on-premise

Our web-based technology is purpose-built for new approaches to healthcare in the 21st century. Easily adaptable to multiple use cases, it provides all you need to enable research, experimentation, adoption and systematization of new practices with measured outcomes.
Fast & secure
Responsive interface adapts
to all devices
Cloud, on premise
or hybrid
Fully multilingual
Advanced business intelligence
Integrated interface engine

Our Services

Helping transform healthcare, simplifying clinician’s lives and improving patients’ access to quality care from the institution to their homes

We can help manage all aspects of a successful eHealth program design and implementation, whether at an international, national, regional or local level. 


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