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Conference JIQ 2022

Extreme Agile : from lines of code to lines of press


Conference JIQ 2022
Extreme Agile : from lines of code to lines of press
(in french only)
Conference room 5 |  10 h 15

This conference entitled "Extreme Agile, from lines of code to lines of press" will be hosted by Tania Gobeil, one of our experienced business analysts.

It will consist of a feedback on how to successfully develop, in a context of urgency, digital solutions that have a massive and major impact on an entire population and that are scrutinized by the entire community.

Learn about Akinox's adventure over the past two years to design, develop and evolve the pandemic response platform in collaboration with Public Health and the Ministry of Health and Social Services, including electronic symptoms tracking questionnaires sent directly to citizens, VaxiCode and VaxiCode Verif mobile applications and strategic dashboards with real-time data. Also included are anecdotes, challenges encountered and lessons learned during the deployment of these various solutions, as well as the future possibilities for the technological achievements developed during the pandemic.

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Our speaker




Tania Gobeil
Business Analyst


Tania Gobeil is a business analyst who has been navigating the world of software development for over 20 years. Realizing that people are at the heart of any project's success, she developed a passion for agility and organizational transformation. She co-founded Agile Sherbrooke in 2014 and promotes methodologies that foster collaboration and leverage collective intelligence. She joined Akinox in 2020, where she contributes to projects dedicated to technological advancement in healthcare and the implementation of an organizational culture that relies on the potential of people and has the courage to do things differently. If you don't find Tania leading a workshop with her colleagues, or sitting quietly with her nose in a book, she will surely be outside gazing at the stars in wonder.