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Innovating for Health: Key Moments of Akinox in 2023

As we begin 2024, we are taking time to reflect on our past year, which was marked by significant progress, remarkable achievements, and exceptional growth for Akinox. In 2023, our commitment to collectively improve the healthcare system through innovative digital solutions bore fruit with the launch of our cutting-edge solution for enhancing and facilitating access to healthcare for the Québec population and citizens around the globe. In parallel, we also substantially enhanced features on our existing solutions and platforms, to respond more effectively to the needs of the population and stay ahead of the latest trends in innovation and technology. 

In addition to these technological developments, we implemented a comprehensive reform of our corporate values and organizational structure to better support our rapid growth and ongoing expansion. In 2023, our active participation in a variety of events, both external and internal, was a key and celebrated element at Akinox. This involvement extended beyond our organization, allowing us to demonstrate thought leadership in crucial discussions about the future of digital health in Canada. Simultaneously, it played a pivotal role in strengthening the sense of unity and belonging among our collaborators and clients. Here are some of highlights from our 2023 achievements:

Building the Future of Healthcare: Our Projects and Their Contribution Towards Patient-Centric Approach

Integrated Software Solution: Commitment and Collaboration for the Modernization of the Healthcare System

2023 was a significant year for Akinox, marked by the development and deployment of an integrated software solution for frontline healthcare, in collaboration with other stakeholders in the healthcare sector. 

This innovation provides more equitable and enhanced access to quality healthcare for the Québec population. It facilitates healthcare access for patients without a family doctor through a user-friendly digital platform. The software also provides guidance towards the appropriate healthcare professional. With the ability to address a comprehensive range of healthcare needs, including prescription renewals, family planning, mental health issues, and other essential services, this platform stands as a versatile and indispensable tool.   

During the summer of 2023, the pilot phase of this project began, and its resounding success paved the way for the provincial-level deployment, which was accomplished in just six weeks. Currently, numerous healthcare institutions benefit from access to this software solution, making a significant contribution in our mission to improve healthcare access and care delivery. 

Its prompt and efficient implementation reflects our ongoing efforts in project management and collaboration with our clients. Positively received by healthcare institutions, this platform has already enhanced access to care for more people, with over 1.2 million issued recommendations. As part of our commitment in excellence in implementation, more than 150 healthcare team members received comprehensive training.  

At e-Health Conference & Tradeshow in May 2023,  this project was one of the topics highlighted and Akinox was one of the sponsors of this event and participated in person for the first time. This event is a major hub for discussions on digital health in Canada and the ideal place to share challenges, successes and ideas with your peers, nationally and internationally. Additionally, Akinox participated at the First Line in Health Conference in Montréal in April 2023.  We were able to highlight our contribution to improving healthcare through our software solutions, health technology more broadly, and the modernization of the healthcare network in Québec.

The Virtual Care Platform: Growing Impact Through Continuous Improvements

As for our virtual care platform, launched in 2022, this year has been marked by extensive deployment and the addition of new features, thereby strengthening its positive impact on healthcare access for the population. The successful integration of the user portal and asynchronous messaging communication has been a great achievement, a result of the collaborative efforts of the entire Akinox team. These enhancements provide healthcare professionals with the ability to conduct asynchronous patient follow-ups through chat, bringing increased efficiency and significantly simplifying access to care for the population. 

As an example, the dermatology workflows on Akinox’s platform, increased from 1000 consultations completed in December 2022 to over 10,000 online consultations conducted in 2023.  

In addition, the Québec Program for Mental Disorders (PQPTM) was deployed provincially in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Services. The PQPTM aims to enhance access to mental health services in Québec by offering stepped care that evolves according to individual needs. With the deployment, we have optimized a part of the triage and follow-up process, while streamlining the time for the stakeholders, resulting in strengthened collaboration with healthcare professionals, as well as improved accessibility and quality of care. Over 1,100 people have already completed questionnaires on the platform. 

Akinox has also achieved the “Trousse Globale de Vérification Certification (TGV)” issued by the government of Québec. This certification ensures that Akinox platform provides a high level of security for all stakeholders, thereby reinforcing trust in our commitment to the protection of confidential data and, most importantly, cybersecurity.

The Agir tôt Program: Continuous Contribution for Optimal Accessibility and Efficiency

During the year 2023, additions were also made to the Agir tôt program. A notable improvement was the integration of a new questionnaire focusing on children's nutrition, enriching the program and facilitating more in-depth monitoring for parents and healthcare professionals. Also, the program continues its process of continuous improvement, constantly adapting to technological advancements and the diverse needs of the platform stakeholders. These developments further enhance the utility of the program by providing parents with increasingly relevant tools and improving communication between healthcare professionals and families. 

The Agir tôt program also received a notable recognition at the Healthcare and Social Services IT Awards Gala 2023, held in Québec City in November 2023, as part of the Informatique Santé Symposium, in which Akinox also participated as a sponsor. This event highlights exceptional achievements in the field of Information Technology (IT) within the healthcare and social services network, as well as the commitment of its private sector partners, with the aim of improving the efficiency of the Québec healthcare system. The Agir tôt program stood out as a finalist in the Jury’s Favorite category, which honors a digital health company that has developed innovative technology for a noble cause focused on patients and has a positive impact on healthcare delivery. Although the program did not win the award, simply being among other companies and projects encourages Akinox to continue in its spirit of innovation and to develop and deploy technological solutions that benefit healthcare professionals and patients. 

Interoperability in Healthcare: Breaking Silos and Building Strong Bridges

Interoperability is a central element in healthcare, and at Akinox, we make it a top priority. By offering full interoperability with our solutions, we strive to ensure healthcare professionals have immediate access to patient information upon opening the record, along with the elimination of data silos, fostering improved communication and collaboration among different care providers. Our team is dedicated to staying consistently informed about the latest trends and developments in interoperability to keep our systems at the forefront of efficiency and compliance with industry standards. 

In March 2023, our team participated in the Projectathon, organized by Canada Health Infoway, a virtual event bringing together innovative players in digital health in Canada. This initiative provided a unique platform to assess the interoperability of digital health solutions aligned with the pan-Canadian standards. It was an exceptional opportunity for our team to dive deeper into interoperability, gaining additional knowledge to adjust our solutions to better meet various standards. The tests not only highlighted areas for improvement, but also spurred the advancement of our solutions, identified key challenges, and measured alignment with current specifications. Our active participation in the Projectathon reflects our unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of the digital health sector evolution, consistently aligning our innovations with the current needs and standards of the field. 

As part of Infoway’s initiatives, our team also participated in another major event that highlighted interoperability as one of the main topics. This was the Partnership Conference held in Vancouver in November 2023. During this enriching event, interoperability, standards, and innovation were central themes in our discussions. This opportunity also allowed us to engage with experts in the field, build fruitful relationships, and expand our professional network.

Akinox’s Evolution: Persistent Commitment Towards Continued Success

New Values: Reflecting Our Mission and Exceptional Teams

2023 has been a pivotal year for Akinox, marked by a profound redefinition of our corporate values. This transformation highlights our renewed commitment to innovation, continuous improvement, and our mission to revolutionize the healthcare system with cutting-edge digital solutions. These values now embody the core of our identity and guide each of our actions towards excellence and collaborative progress in the field of digital health. We now have five new corporate values:  

  • We are Solution-Oriented: We are 100% dedicated to finding positive and constructive solutions to tackle challenges. 
  • We are Caring: Our approach is centered on collaboration and equality, always striving for win-win solutions for the team. 
  • We are Service-Focused: We prioritize close collaboration with our clients, building lasting and meaningful relationships. 
  • We are Humble: We cultivate listening, transparency, and vulnerability, while maintaining a humble and respective attitude. 
  • And most of all, we have Fun: Even in remote work, we encourage enjoyable moments of gatherings, sharing, and activities. 

We invite you to explore our careers page for more details on the new values and what they represent for us.

Akinox Gatherings: Enhancing Synergy and Building Strong Bonds

As a 100% remote-work company, our experts are located across Québec, Ontario, British Columbia, and even in Europe! This year, in addition to team activities, we had the opportunity to come together as a whole on two occasions, further strengthening our bonds and sharing friendly moments.  

Last March, the entire Akinox team, along with their families, were invited to spend a weekend at Auberge du Lac Taureau in the beautiful Lanaudière region. During this getaway, our teams engaged in various team-building activities, ranging from sports challenges and agility exercises to festive evening of karaoke and video games. The corporate evening that concluded the event provided an opportunity to celebrate our achievements and highlight the accomplishments of each team member. This experience proved to be enriching and positive for our teams, providing the opportunity to build strong relationships in a light and enjoyable setting. 

In September, the Akinox team decided to come together for inter-city gatherings in the three main cities where most members are located: Québec City, Montréal, and Sherbrooke. During this afternoon, the three gatherings took place simultaneously in these different cities, providing a perfect opportunity to meet new people residing in these regions. The team shared moments of camaraderie and truly appreciated this opportunity to forge new connections and have fun! 

Ongoing Growth: Adapting Our Capabilities and Structure to Better Meet Demand

In order to better address the needs of our clients and the population, adjustments have been made within our organizational structure. These modifications aim to optimize internal communication within the team and make the decision-making process more efficient, enhancing our ability to stay at the forefront of innovation while responding agilely to the needs of our clientele.   

Over the past year, Akinox experienced personnel expansion, growing from 100 employees in December 2022 to 132 in December 2023. In parallel with this growth, we have structured our organization around two key pillars: strategic leaders and operational leads. The strategic leaders are responsible for defining and guiding our strategic directions, while the operational leads ensure the implementation and maintenance of these strategies at the core of each department. This strengthened structure enables us to combine a global vision with operational efficiency, ensuring optimal synergy between our goals and our day-to-day execution.   

Since their arrival in the summer of 2023, this initiative has led to greater accessibility to information and has significantly expedited the decision-making process.  


We are now ready to approach the year 2024 with effective collaboration between teams and the development of innovative technological solutions to support healthcare professionals and the healthcare system.  

We cannot conclude this article without expressing our gratitude to our various collaborators who have supported us throughout the year, sharing the same goals as Akinox: IBM, Microsoft, Digital Health Canada, Canada Health Infoway, Deloitte, Petal, Clic Santé, and many others. Together, we are committed to addressing the needs of clients and the population, while continually innovating with the aim of modernizing healthcare and making it accessible to everyone. We sincerely thank all those who stand by us and let’s continue to collaborate and to foster good relationships for the future.
Together, we go further!