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A Day in the Life of a Developer: Innovation and Passion at the Heart of Digital Health

In the Akinox universe, where the patient experience is transformed through technology, developers are not only code experts, but also pillars of innovation, always at the forefront of technological advancements. In this article, we invite you to discover a day in the life of a developer at Akinox, reflecting the challenges to overcome, the successes, and the passion that drives her daily work in the field of digital health.

Immersion Into a Day in the Life of a Developer at Akinox 

We asked one of the developers to briefly describe a typical day in her week, along with some details about her work. She chose to give us a glimpse into the start of a sprint, marked by meetings, planning, and strong collaboration. For the record, a sprint is a period of time, typically one to two weeks at Akinox, during which a development team works on a defined set of prioritized tasks to conclude a project. This is a common practice within the framework of agile development methodology, aiming to deliver iterative and frequent results. Working in the company for almost two years, she has contributed, among other projects, to the development of the virtual care platform (teleconsultations) and the GAP (Primary Care Access Point) 

Within the organization, each development team stands out through its unique approach to work and planning, adapting methods to effectively manage upcoming tasks and projects. Our developer, in collaboration with her team, prepares for each new sprint through backlog refinements sessions the day before its launch, which occurs every Wednesday. Simultaneously, a retrospective of the previous sprint takes place on the same day, allowing for continuous analysis and improvement of processes. 

Therefore, on Wednesday morning, our developer prepares for a meeting with her team, where they will collectively analyze the last sprint and establish goals for the next one, scheduled to last one week. Here is the rundown of her day: 

9:00 AM to 10:00 AM – Daily and retrospective
The day kicks off with a 15-minute morning daily meeting, where the team gathers for a collaborative and supportive update. During this meeting, each member shares the progress made the previous day and priorities for today, ensuring perfect synchronization and transparency within the group. After the daily, the team gathers for the retrospective meeting, a key moment where they collectively review the successes and challenges of the last sprint. This in-depth analysis allows the developer, once the meeting is concluded, to start the new sprint, incorporating valuable insights to continuously optimize the work methodology.

10:00 AM to 11:00 AM – Sprint planning
Let’s now move to the planning phase of the upcoming sprint. Thanks to the backlog refinement session completed the day before, our developer has a clear understanding of the tasks ahead and the issues to address, enabling a productive and focused discussion during the sprint planning. This crucial phase involves collaboration with business analysts, the product owner, UX/UI designer, and quality analyst. After the completion of the planning, our developer has a precise understanding of prioritized tasks and potential challenges to overcome, now that the sprint objectives are clearly defined.
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM – Coding time!
After the morning planning, our developer is ready to code to move forward in the sprint. The coding phase is not just task execution; it often involves research, testing, and resolving unforeseen issues, requiring quick adaptation and creativity. At Akinox, development teams use multiple programming languages, such as C#, TypeScript/JavaScript, and SQL to enhance efficiency in specific contexts based on the requirements of the tasks on hand. During the coding phase, the team relies on various sources of information, including Microsoft’s official documentation, library documents, and Stack Overflow. Additionally, to ensure code quality, team members conduct tests (unit, integration, and end-to-end) and submit their lines of code for peer review. 
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM - Demonstration
After lunch, the developer begins her afternoon with the demonstration of the last sprint, completed a week ago, which brings together all the development teams in the company. During this session, each team presents its achievements to the other product owners in the company. They have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback, contributing to the improvement of features. Our developer was responsible for representing her team and presenting the developments made during the last sprint.  
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM - Training
Motivated by the company’s policies that encourage personal and professional development, our developer dedicated an hour of her day to training on agile processes. The goal is to enhance her knowledge and mastery of various methodologies to contribute to increasing the team’s efficiency.  
3:00 PM to 3:30 PM – Well-being comes first!
After her training, she fully takes advantage of the flexible schedule offered by Akinox, regularly taking breaks to go for walks, prioritizing well-being. This habit, more than just a simple exercise for maintaining physical and mental health, proves to be a key lever for boosting her professional performance. By incorporating such moments into her day, she finds a perfect balance that promotes both her well-being and efficiency at work. 
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM – Coding and wrapping up!
Back at work, our developer focuses intensively during the last two hours of the day to make progress in writing her lines of code.

What Makes Working at Akinox Unique for Developers 

The motivation to work at Akinox is enhanced by many key elements, including its inspiring and meaningful mission. By dedicating itself to the improvement and modernization of healthcare systems through cutting-edge technological solutions, Akinox provides its developers with the unique opportunity to contribute concretely to the quality of life of patients. This work has a profound impact, not only in transforming the healthcare sector, but also in providing a great professional satisfaction to the developers. They know that every line of code they write contributes to a greater cause, generating a sense of accomplishment and pride. The stimulating and dynamic work environment at Akinox reinforces this motivation, creating a framework where innovation and social impact converge for the benefit of the community. 

Furthermore, the diversity of projects at Akinox significantly enhances the experience of the development teams. The team itself is a source of inspiration, consisting of colleagues who are both highly skilled and deeply compassionate. Together, they create a stimulating environment, ideal for learning and continuous professional development. For new developers, the integration is a smooth and enriching process. They are welcomed into a warm atmosphere where the more experienced team members make it a priority to offer guidance and advice. This dynamic not only promotes rapid professional growth, but also a sense of belonging and well-being at work. 

The flexible schedule at Akinox stands out as a central element of our company culture. It provides our teams with valuable freedom to organize their day in harmony with their personal needs. Whether it’s an afternoon workout session or a refreshing walk at 3:00 PM, our experts have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate their personal activities into their daily routine. This flexibility is essential to foster a true balance between professional demands and personal life, contributing to their overall well-being. Akinox actively supports the professional development of its collaborators. Our team takes advantage of the opportunity to attend training sessions during working hours, without having to use their leave. This reflects the commitment to their ongoing professional growth and development. 

Collaboration between different teams is a fundamental aspect within the organization. Developers, regardless of their role or seniority, are always ready to exchange ideas, address inquiries, and share their expertise with other teams. This practice deeply reinforces the culture of cooperation that permeates throughout the entire company.   

The team culture at Akinox is built on a foundation of inclusion and respect, where every voice, whether from a junior or senior developer, is valued and listened to attentively. Developers at Akinox don’t just contribute technically; they also play a crucial role in decision-making processes and strategic planning. Regularly organized question-and-answer sessions, facilitated by the department head, are a perfect example of this. During this session, future directions are presented, and every question raised by the developers is meticulously addressed. These interactions facilitate the dynamic adjustment of goals and priorities, allowing the team to remain agile and responsive to emerging challenges and opportunities.  

At Akinox, the role of developers extends far beyond mere code writing. They are considered essential pillars of the company, with their work guided by its mission. The diversity of projects, inter-team collaboration, and a strong company culture are the driving forces behind their motivation. Together, these developers form teams that are both skilled, committed, and compassionate, playing a crucial role in shaping the future of digital health.

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