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Akinox Participated in the Performance and Value of Data Conference

For the first time, Akinox participated in the Performance et valorisation des données (Performance and Value of Data) Conference organized by Groupe Le Point, which took place on March 31, 2022, at the Saint-Hyacinthe Convention Center. This symposium aims to put forward the best ways to adopt best practices in terms of project deployment in the network, as well as to promote good practices in the field. It is of interest to all professionals and managers interested in advances in the field of data performance and valorization in the Health and Social Services network and the entire public sector.

Akinox was honored to be invited to share its experience in the use of data in the technological fight against the COVID-19 pandemic during a workshop. Delivered in record time, in a highly effective and efficient manner and in compliance with best practices, the solutions developed by Akinox in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Services and Public Health can serve as an example and help other organizations innovate for a more efficient health network.

Data in the Service of the Technological Fight Against the Pandemic

Our workshop entitled “Technology and Innovation in the Fight against the Pandemic – The Power of Partnerships” was a great success. Facilitated by Tania Gobeil, one of our Business Analysts, and Barbara Philippot, one of our Business Intelligence Specialists, the workshop aimed to illustrate how innovation and accessibility to real-time data have been used by health care managers and stakeholders to make informed decisions to stem the pandemic, smooth the curve, protect citizens, and save lives.

See or review the Akinox workshop (in French): Atelier Akinox: Colloque Performance et valorisation des données


Automation, digitization, accessibility, interoperability, and business intelligence were at the heart of this workshop to illustrate in a real and concrete case how the availability and value of data play a key role in health decision-making and the evolution of a pandemic, and what lessons can be learned to ensure a resilient health system to face any eventuality.

“Akinox’s technologies have unleashed innovation and opened the door to agile ways of working and access to data mining in a way we’ve all been looking for a long time.”
Alexander Dahl, President, and Founder of Akinox.

Didn’t have the opportunity to meet the Akinox team at the Performance and Value of Data Conference? Would you like to better understand how data and its accessibility can contribute to improving the healthcare system? Contact us at, email us at or call us at 1 (800) 996-9196 to speak with our experts. To keep up to date on all Akinox events, visit

The Quebec Governement optimized its public health response capabilities with help from Akinox