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Akinox Applied Research to simplify research & experimentation

Akinox Applied Research for a McGill University Health Centre & CISSS-Outaouais project to optimize thoracic surgery trajectory

The Ministry of Health and Social Services approved a grant for the McGill University Health Centre project to optimize the inter-establishment trajectory of thoracic surgery care.

A grant was approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Services in March 2019 for a project by Dr. Véronique Nabelsi (Professor and Researcher, Ph.D., University of Québec in Outaouais) to optimize the inter-institutional trajectory for thoracic surgery care at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC).

The grant is awarded following the second Call for Proposals of the Health and Social Services Innovation Support Fund (FSISSS), launched on 20 August 2018, and implemented in partnership with the Bureau de l’innovation en santé et en services sociaux (Office of Innovation in Health and Social Work).

The Evaluation Committee determined that this project is rigorous and mobilizes an experienced team, including Akinox, which brings to the table more than ten years of experience in health care optimization through the effective sharing of information with telehealth tools.

The project has been called “ambitious” and is “based on sound methodology and partnership with a company”, which will address “a need of the population and health services in oncology”.

The project also proposes “ambitious data collection in all of these stages”, in line with FSISSS’s ultimate goal of fostering, in a real world of care and services, the collection of evidence to demonstrate the validity and the utility of organizational or technological innovations to accelerate their adoption. Akinox will therefore have the opportunity to use the “Akinox Applied Research” component of its telehealth tools.

There is exciting potential to extend this project to other centres of thoracic surgery to replicate the benefits in efficiency. Akinox is proud to contribute, ultimately, to the health of patients who have had thoracic surgery.


The MUHC is the University Hospital Center of the McGill University Hospital Network. The McGill RUIS affiliated regions represent a population of 1.7 million spread over 953,000 square kilometres. RUIS McGill coordinates tertiary health services, teaching and research activities in its territory, and provides specialized care and training to the regions.


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