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Akinox Showcases Telehealth Platform at ATA2019 in New Orleans

In mid-April 2019, Akinox showcased its telehealth platform at ATA2019. The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) held its annual conference and expo in New Orleans this year where, from 14 to 16 April, thousands of healthcare professionals and innovators and leaders from an broad spectrum of the healthcare and technology sectors come together to discover the best options for their organizations, the industry, and most importantly, their patients.

The Akinox team presented its solutions, particularly AkinoxeConsult, to expo participants, and was able to meet with fellow innovators. Of particular interest was platform’s agility, able to adapt so efficiently in completely different realities, from the Great Canadian North to large urban mega hospitals.The exchange of ideas and the few impromptu brainstorming sessions held with fellow participants will serve to further hone and develop all the applications built on the Akinox platform.

ATA 2019 was particularly interesting for the Akinox Team, which was able to share its Canadian experience with American telehealth players and health institutions, the United States being one of the Western countries having made huge progress in the adoption of telehealth solutions. It was enlightening to compare the American model of privately regulated telehealth solutions with our Canadian one. The Akinox team greatly appreciate how the presence of a Canadian team at ATA2019 was so well received by American health technology protagonists, who perceived strong value in how Canada is institutionalizing certain old trajectory practices with digital models. The team was thrilled at the openess of American players in learning from Canadian experiences. Though significant strides have been made in both countries, barriers to large-scale adoption of telehealth remain, in particular related to reimbursement regulations.

We thank Ann Mond Johnson, ATA CEO, for inviting our CEO/Founder Alexander Dahl to give an address at the C-suite event during the Conference. Akinox looks forward to building on this success at the upcoming eHealth Conference which will be held in Toronto from 26 to 29 May 2019. We would love to meet you! Book a meeting with us at the event using this form.

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