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CEEXLO innovates towards cloud computing with the Akinox platform

The Center of Excellence on Longevity (CEEXLO) launches the first scientifically valid tool to self-assess the general and functional health status of an elderly person The geriatric self-administered questionnaire (SAQ) was developed with the aim of predicting deleterious health events and identifying, at an early stage, elderly people at risk of disruption to their care processes, in order to put in place appropriate measures to prevent such disruption.

With the aging of a growing portion of the population, early identification of diseases and their consequences is now a major public health issue. This early identification makes it possible to propose preventive and / or curative interventions limiting the deleterious effects of diseases on the health and quality of life of our seniors. Thanks to its deployment on the Akinox Cloud platform, the SAQ is now available around the world; individuals, young and old, now access these digital tools to determine their health status. They are in need of advice, advice and information related to their state of health to become real actors, involved, concerned and active. To date, France and Singapore are collaborating in the exercise, the aim being to open up the participation to a dozen more countries.

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