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Responding to COVID-19: Akinox Takes Action

As we all know, it is critical that we flatten the pandemic curve to slow down the spread of the virus. Akinox has created a dynamic clinical triage self-assessment system for contact-tracing, case & outbreak management.

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Fight Against COVID-19: Akinox supports the Québec Government 

The entire world is currently on high alert, with governments and healthcare workers trying their best to rapidly control the spread of COVID-19. Never in the history of time have we experienced such a crisis that has united us all.

In Québec, Akinox is doing everything possible to support the massive efforts of the Ministry of Health and Social Services by providing citizens with an integrated virtual care coordination platform. Providing access to the right tools allows Quebecers to face this pandemic with increased confidence, ease and comfort.

During these unprecedented times, we are now racing to contain and control the spread of the virus as quickly as possible. The Akinox platform will support clinical triage through:

  • Citizen self-assessment

  • Streamlining process for Investigating cases and tracing contacts

  • Coordination and scheduling of referrals to accredited screening and the management of clinics

  • Real-time and deferred-time teleconsultation activities

  • Systematization of the monitoring of the evolution of symptoms for patients whose condition must be monitored

In order to successfully implement the concerted, agile and aggressive isolation of the virus, as well as the efficient clinical triage of cases, citizens must thoroughly understand and collaborate with the measures established by our authorities and health services.

We are doing everything possible to contain and control the pandemic. As a remote company, working efficiently from home has always been part of our ethos. We believe it is a great time to reinforce our values of team spirit and open communication, whilst practicing social distancing, in order to help support the Québec Government and its citizens.

At Akinox, we believe that we are stronger united, working together towards a unified action for the greater good. The Akinox team is honored to be able to serve and contribute to the collective efforts of health services in Québec, in Canada and around the world.

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The Quebec Governement optimized its public health response capabilities with help from Akinox