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Akinox ePortal to Connect Doctors & Patients

Akinox ePortal for the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal’s project of early discharge for patients with cerebrovascular accidents

The Minister of Health and Social Services approves a grant for the MUHC’s early discharge for patients with cerebral vascular accident project.

A grant was approved by the Minister of Health and Social Services in March 2019 for a project by the Montréal West-Central Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre (CIUSSS West-Central Montreal) of early discharge for patients with cerebral vascular accident, by Sara Ahmed (Associate Professor, McGill University, Site Manager, CRIR) and Felicia Guarna (Director of Rehabilitation, DP, DI-TSA, MWI IUHSSC)

The grant is awarded following the second Call for Proposals of the Health and Social Services Innovation Support Fund (FSISSS), launched on 20 August 2018, and implemented in partnership with the Bureau de l’innovation en santé et en services sociaux (Office of Innovation in Health and Social Work).

The Evaluation Committee determined that one of the strengths of this project is that it is “based on existing mature technologies”, including Akinox ePortal. In addition, “collaborations are established, in-kind support is present, and the project builds on the success of a pilot project already underway on early discharge support since 2017”.

Akinox is particularly excited that the innovation of this project “is supported by the collaboration of the research team with the IUHSSC telehealth table and integration into a home-based rehabilitation initiative”, thus allowing it to continue to sharpen its platform and tools so that they continue to become more effective and responsive to the emerging needs of the health system.

The project was called “interesting” and seeking “the complementation between physical and virtual care” with each step “carried out with patients”. Akinox is proud to contribute to the health of patients by developing tools to help plan early leave for stroke clients.


The Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal (CIUSSS West-Central Montreal) serves approximately 362,000 people, who are served by a partnership of more than 30 complementary healthcare facilities. Included are the Jewish General Hospital, three specialized hospitals, five CLSCs, two rehabilitation centres, four residential centres, two long-term geriatric residences, and two day centres. Treatment and care are provided by a staff of more than 10,000, including approximately 700 doctors.



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