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Participation in two major healthcare events

At Akinox, we understand the importance of grasping the daily needs and challenges of users. That's why we immersed ourselves in the digital health realm by participating in two pivotal industry events: First Line in Health in Montreal on May 2nd and 3rd, 2024, followed by e-Health in Vancouver from May 26th to 28th, 2024. Our dynamic team was on-site to engage with experts and explore the latest advancements in digital health.

During these two events, we were captivated by a multitude of discoveries and we are pleased to share them with you today. Happy reading!

The surge of telemedicine

Doctor and patient in a virtual care visitTelemedicine has become indispensable, particularly with the surge in demand for remote medical consultations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Telemedicine enhances access to medical care, enabling patients to consult with doctors without the need for physical travel. In response to this growing demand, Akinox has developed a virtual care platform in partnership with the Government in March 2022. Since then, over 15,000 teleconsultations have been conducted using our solution, contributing to transforming the medical landscape towards a more connected and accessible future. Learn more in our blog article.

The adoption of telemedicine represents a pivotal shift in healthcare delivery, offering unprecedented convenience and accessibility to patients worldwide. By leveraging our virtual care platform, Akinox continues to pioneer innovations that bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers, ensuring comprehensive medical support regardless of geographical constraints. Our commitment to enhancing telemedicine capabilities extends beyond mere convenience; it underscores our dedication to improving patient outcomes and advancing the standard of care in an increasingly digital healthcare environment.

As we look towards the future, Akinox remains steadfast in its mission to further integrate telemedicine into mainstream healthcare practices, promoting a seamless continuum of care that prioritizes patient well-being and accessibility. Stay updated on our latest developments and insights by visiting our blog.

Absolute focus on data security

Data security and cybersecurity in healthcareData security has become a major concern in the medical industry, and Akinox prioritizes it daily. As medical data exchanges between healthcare stakeholders increase, ensuring the confidentiality and security of patients' personal information is imperative.

Innovative solutions aimed at enhancing data protection were at the forefront during these two conferences, with a particular emphasis on compliance with the strictest security standards. At Akinox, we have developed advanced security protocols to safeguard users' sensitive data, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of their medical information.

Our team of data security experts works tirelessly to identify and mitigate risks, thereby ensuring a secure and reliable user experience. To learn more about our security measures and how we protect your data, check out our dedicated blog article.

The importance of supporting mental health

Mental-Health-Illness-SolutionWe were particularly captivated by the field of mental health at recent conferences, attending several sessions to deepen our understanding of current challenges.

According to Statistics Canada and the results of the Mental Health and Access to Care Survey, over 5 million people in Canada experienced significant symptoms of mental illness in 2022. This trend is mirrored in other countries, where there has been a notable increase in cases of depression and anxiety, especially in 2020 and 2021.

Telemedicine offers an innovative way to meet the growing mental health needs. By enabling remote consultations, it removes geographical and temporal barriers, providing essential support to those most in need. Individuals in remote areas or facing physical mobility challenges can now access high-quality mental health services easily.

Telemedicine allows for greater customization of mental health care. Patients can receive regular, individualized follow-up tailored to their specific needs, which can enhance treatment effectiveness and promote better long-term outcomes. By combining technology with a patient-centered approach, telemedicine opens new avenues for addressing mental health issues.

Akinox is committed to actively promoting access to mental health services through telemedicine. By developing innovative solutions and collaborating with government authorities and healthcare professionals, we aim to contribute to improving the mental well-being of the population. Through our expertise in medical technology and our dedication to innovation, we are determined to make a positive difference in the lives of those struggling with mental health challenges.

Towards better interoperability

Interoperability in digital healthcare solutions other topics that caught our attention, the interoperability of healthcare systems has become a critical issue to ensure effective continuity of care. As patients navigate between different healthcare providers and systems, it is essential that their medical information can be exchanged seamlessly and securely.

Significant efforts are being made to improve the interoperability of healthcare systems, with the ultimate goal of ensuring optimal care coordination and a better patient experience. Two of our colleagues presented a conference on this topic during e-health Vancouver.

Our expertise in interoperability was particularly highlighted at this event, demonstrating our ability to offer innovative solutions in this strategic area for the future of digital health. To learn more about our thoughts and approach to interoperability, read our blog article.

Patient access to records

Patient and doctor access to patient health recordsLastly, patient access to their health data via online portals has seen significant expansion. Patients increasingly demand easy and secure access to their medical information. These platforms allow patients to view their medical records, schedule appointments online, and communicate with their healthcare providers, thereby enhancing autonomy and engagement in their own health.

During these events, our colleagues led engaging conferences on current topics such as telemedicine, virtual care, and interoperability. Their expertise attracted a large and interested audience, providing a valuable platform for exchange where participants could ask questions and share views on these critical topics for the future of digital health.

Akinox's participation in these two major events in Canada was a valuable opportunity for our team to meet influential figures in the healthcare field and discover the latest trends and innovations in health.

As a pioneer in medical innovation since 2010, Akinox remains committed to pushing the boundaries of modern medicine to deliver high-quality healthcare to all citizens. With a diverse portfolio of health solutions and a dedicated team of medical technology experts, Akinox is well positioned to tackle future challenges and shape the future of healthcare in Canada and beyond.

We look forward to participating in upcoming events! For more information on our upcoming events, visit Events | Akinox.