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The Akinox Platform for Geriatric Teleconsultation in Montréal

Akinox is proud to announce its collaboration with the McGill Center for Excellence in Longevity (CEEXLO), a division of Geriatrics, with the implementation of an optimized geriatric consultation request form, within its telehealth platform, accessible by both specialist physicians and family physicians.

With the collaboration of the Center for Expertise and Coordination of Telehealth (CECoT) of McGill University and McGill University’s integrated health network, RUIS McGill, this project aims to set up an accessible remote consultation procedure for the evaluation, diagnosis or management of a patient aged 65 and over. Faced with the shortage of geriatricians and specialists for the management of complex cases of chronic diseases and geriatric multimorbidity in Québec, CECoT and CEEXLO have joined forces to set up an accessible geriatric teleconsultation procedure for all clinicians in the territory of McGill RUIS.

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