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RUIS McGill Celebrates Thirteen Years With the Akinox Telehealth Platform

RUIS Mgcill or Réseau Universitaire Intégré de Santé (an integrated university health network ) is a Québec pioneer in telehealth, having deployed and operated a telemedicine service since 2006.

From the beginning, RUIS McGill knew that it had to assume the responsibility of a very large territory and manage the great complexity that results from it. Such a system was supposed to ensure a secure and sustainable coverage for specialized and ultraspecialized services of about 63% of the territory of Québec, which is a very big responsibility. In addition to organizational challenges, one of the most complex obstacles was access to care for isolated communities in northern Québec, including the remote and rural regions of Abitibi, Outaouais and Montérégie-Ouest.

Antoinette Ghanem, senior telehealth advisor at the Centre de Coordination de la Télésanté du CUSM (CCT du CUSM, serving the nine McGill RUIS facilities), explains their team’s vision at the time: “Our goal was to implement an easy-to-use virtual organizational system for physicians and health professionals, enabling remote access of patients to specialists. “

This “one-stop shop for teleconsultation services”, as Ms. Ghanem likes to describe it, allows the full teleconsultation process to be integrated – starting with the initiation of the application, acceptance by the supplier, opening of the file , the production of the report and the conclusion of the teleconsultation – with configurable notification systems that make it possible to coordinate communications. For example, a family doctor can create a patient record and insert written information, photos, ultrasound or any other relevant health record. He can then, always through this platform, contact specialists who, in turn, integrate the cycle of the file and the follow-up of the patient.

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