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Akinox Offers $100 for COVID-19 Vaccinated Employees

In its constant effort to support the Government of Québec in its fight against the pandemic, Akinox, a 100% teleworking company, gives $100 to its employees who decide to get vaccinated. This is part of the company’s mission since the beginning of the pandemic to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Akinox at the heart of pandemic response

Akinox has been supporting the massive efforts of the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux and Public Health for over a year with its integrated virtual platform for pandemic management and coordination. Preventing, isolating,containing and tracking are the key words behind Akinox’s “Pandemic” platform technology. To enable faster management and isolation of COVID-19 cases, the following tools have been deployed: dynamic symptom self-assessment questionnaires for clinical triage, automated contact tracking, self-administered case investigation questionnaires, connected interfaces for screening test results and dashboards and notifications to view accurate real-time data and make informed decisions. All these tools have made it possible to significantly reduce the input of manual data, automate and digitize services having for goal to save time and centralize data to relieve public health teams.

“The advantage of using a digital platform specifically designed for the management and technology coordination of a pandemic is that public health can put its resources in the right place and relieve low-value manual and repetitive tasks in favor of patient management.”
Alexandre Dahl – CEO and founder of Akinox

A symbolic $100 that is one of Akinox’s many benefits

Working for Akinox is about having a real impact in a field as important as health. This includes participating in the modernization of health services in an environment that is unique, with human values, where employees are the most important resource and care for the well-being of others and the advancement of technology. In this unique model, we find the following advantages:

  • Working remote – not a temporary solution to the pandemic, a business choice that has always been there. Doesn’t matter where you live, talent is international.
  • 35h week, 4 weeks of vacation to start and comprehensive group insurance – Work-life balance is crucial. Working hard, yes, but healthy and balanced.
  • Flexible working hours – the freedom to adapt working time to one’s liking. Akinox respects the natural rhythm of people.
  • Women in Honor – Akinox strongly believes in gender equity. Therefore there are many women in strategic positions and the company has many policies to encourage women in a technological environment usually quite masculine.

“At Akinox, we are all motivated by a common goal: to make a difference in healthcare. And for that, you have to start with your own health. We encourage healthy lifestyles as best we can and we want our employees to have a steady work-life balance.”
Claude Chagnon – Akinox Director of Culture and Wellness

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