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Workation: A Perfect Balance Between Fun and Productivity

Since its foundation, Akinox is proud to offer its team a 100% remote work environment, allowing its collaborators to work from anywhere. But beyond this flexibility, the company has decided to create an innovative culture that allows “workation - a blend of the words “work” and “vacations”.  

Indeed, the “workation” offers a unique opportunity for those who want to combine their passion for travel and exploration with their professional responsibilities, creating unforgettable and enriching experiences. This innovative approach allows members of our team to visit new regions or countries, as long as they adhere to the safety conditions set by Akinox and have access to a reliable internet connection to maintain the same level of productivity in their work. 

Four of our experts have shared their testimonies, highlighting the numerous benefits of “workation” in both their professional and personal lives. They reveal their typical workday, where family visits, beach swims, and exploration of new horizons have become essential elements. Here are their inspiring stories that demonstrate how the concept of “workation” has transformed their daily lives and paved the way for a new method of approaching work and travel:


Asia: Working, Exploring, and Enjoying 

Our developer, Jessy Lachapelle, went on a journey to Asia, allowing him to visit several countries in the continent. The possibility of working from different countries has been an additional source of motivation for Jessy to remain productive while discovering these beautiful destinations: 

“I had the opportunity to travel in Asia, including visits to Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Japan. During this period, I established a daily routine that involved waking up and dedicating a few hours to personal activities, such as exploring the city I was in. My work hours usually started around 3 p.m. due to the significant time difference with Québec. I dedicated several uninterrupted work hours, then had dinner before focusing on my scheduled professional appointments. After my last meeting, I would take a moment to relax. Working four days a week, I had three days to engage in more meaningful activities to travel to new places.“ 

Jessy is passionate about traveling and finds true motivation in renewing this enriching experience, allowing him to explore new destinations while balancing his work:  

“Travel is my passion, and one of the great advantages I can see is the ability to live out this passion. Also, it allows me to meet extraordinary individuals during my travels. I love the idea of waking up one morning and making a spontaneous decision to leave, choosing my destination with complete freedom!” 


Maximizing Family Time While Enjoying Morocco 

Imane Temsamani, our marketing partner, is a Moroccan living in the city of Québec. Recently, she made a visit to her home country to reunite with her family and take advantage of the flexibility offered by Akinox, allowing her to work in a different setting from her usual one in Québec. Despite the time difference, she managed to balance work and personal life, remaining productive while enjoying precious moments with her family: 

"I worked from Morocco for two weeks, and when I woke up, it was still nighttime in Québec. I took advantage of this to have a lovely breakfast with my parents, whether at home or outside facing the sea. Following that, I would go for a morning walk on the beach and sometimes even take a swim when the weather was nice! Additionally, with the time difference in my favor, I could start my workday earlier, allowing me to enjoy the evening with family or friends. As for my workday, it functioned exactly as if I were at home in Québec, maintaining the same routine, daily meetings with the marketing team, and other scheduled meetings throughout the day. It's just a change of scenery from my usual workplace." 

Imane also shared with us the biggest advantage of being able to work from Morocco: 

"The main advantage of being able to travel while working, in my opinion, is that it allows me to spend more time with my parents and sister who live in Morocco, whom I don't get to see as often as I would like. Instead of spending just 2 weeks of vacation with them, I was able to spend 4 weeks, with 2 of those weeks working. Moreover, whether it's in Morocco or any other country, it brings me joy to remain productive while having the opportunity to explore new places, have new experiences, and most importantly, break the daily routine from time to time to feel even more fulfilled!" 


Combining Professional Productivity and Family Reunions in France 

During her stay in France, Marie Allio, instructional designer at Akinox, took the opportunity to visit her family and work from a different location than she is used to in Québec: 

"Thanks to the six-hour time difference, mornings in France were really peaceful since my Akinox colleagues hadn't started working yet. I took advantage of this time to make progress on my projects, especially those related to content production. Then, I went for a run, passing by the Fontainebleau Castle, and went swimming. After my workout, I returned to work, crossing through the forest, and conducted meetings, coordinated with my colleagues, and more, all while accommodating the Québec time zone. Finally, I enjoyed my evenings with my family in France and was able to participate in various activities with them." 

For Marie, the most significant advantage she gained from her experience is the ability to work while being close to her family, who resides in France. This has greatly assisted her in maintaining productivity and creativity. 

"This flexibility, especially in my field focused on pedagogy, provides me with freedom in organizing my work. It allows me to dedicate time outside of conventional company hours while staying in touch with my family. It's a win-win situation for Akinox because it enables me to prioritize urgent tasks and fuel my creativity at work. Being able to continue working while traveling or being close to my family in my home country, that's true happiness!" 


Working From the Beach in El Salvador: It's Possible at Akinox! 

Nicolas Boucher, one of our project managers, had the opportunity to experience “workation” in El Salvador, in Central America. During his journey, he fully enjoyed local activities such as surfing and had wonderful experiences while working from a true paradise: 

"I would start my morning with breakfast, enjoying the sunrise at the beach. With the two-hour time difference from Québec, I would begin my workday quite early, around 6 a.m., which allowed me to progress on my projects in peace. Thanks to Akinox's flexible schedules, I used my lunch break to surf or go for a run in the nearby coffee plantations. Before diving back into work, I indulged in smoothies made with local fruits, adding a touch of pleasure to my days. In the afternoons, I dedicated time to advancing other projects in collaboration with my team. By the end of my workday, around 2:30 p.m., I took a moment to relax and practice some yoga. During my stay, I had the chance to meet amazing people, which led us to share many activities together, such as group surfing sessions or discussions on the beach while admiring the sunset. In the evenings, we would have friendly meals with local specialties among friends, all while relaxing in hammocks on the beach." 

Nicolas affirms that this experience brought him additional well-being and provided him with the opportunity to make wonderful connections abroad, all while continuing his work: 

"Honestly, this experience has allowed me to have a better quality of life in all aspects, in my opinion: whether it's health, nutrition, work-life balance, meeting people from different countries, the experiences lived, or simply spending more time outdoors practicing my favorite sport!" 


We are delighted to share the daily experiences of some members of our team who have lived the “workation” experience. We observe that working abroad not only promotes professional fulfillment and provides beautiful experiences but also allows them to reconnect with their families living elsewhere or make new wonderful connections, all while ensuring the highest standards of productivity and work through the internal policies already in place. This gives them an additional motivation to accomplish their work with enthusiasm.