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Workshop MTL connecte 2023


(In French only)

On Thursday, October 12th, our Information Security and Privacy Officer, Mathy Scott, will conduct a workshop at 1:45 PM in room N5-207 during MTL connecte, which will take place from October 10th to 13th, 2023, at NAD School in Montréal.

Entitled "Establishing a Culture of Security Within Development Teams," this workshop will focus on how to generate interest and expertise in cybersecurity within development teams. Additionally, you will discover a method to minimize risks during software development when hiring security specialists is not possible.


About MTL connecte

MTL connecte is an annual international event hosted by the non-profit organization Montreal Digital Spring (Printemps numérique). It brings together entrepreneurs, researchers, decision-makers, industry leaders, and artists to explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital revolution. This event offers insights into the economic, social, cultural, and environmental impacts of the digital realm across different industries. Beyond knowledge sharing, MTL connecte also fosters networking and collaboration among participants, making it a valuable platform for business relationships and cross-disciplinary interactions.
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Our speaker




Mathy Scott
Information Security and Privacy Officer


Mathy Scott is a computer security expert with a talent for explaining complex concepts in a simple and understandable manner. He is proficient in crafting strategic plans that prioritize security while ensuring businesses run smoothly. Mathy piques people's interest in cybersecurity and motivates them to take an active role in preserving the security of digital spaces.