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Akinox, a 100% Remote Lifestyle Company

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the adoption of telework as a widespread way of working for many businesses to avoid workplace outbreaks and limit the spread of the virus. A year later, the enthusiasm for remote working and the flexibility that is often associated with it is seen among workers. When the COVID-19 pandemic will be behind us, what role will telework play in businesses? While the future of remote working seems to be questioned, Akinox has chosen full-time telework since its creation in 2010 for its many benefits for both the team members and the company.

Flexibility, productivity and better quality of life

Akinox is one of the companies that firmly believes that working remotely does not mean lower productivity. On the contrary, Akinox is convinced that by offering this flexibility to its team members they are more efficient. The year 2020 of telework imposed to the vast majority of workers and improvised in the urgency of the coronavirus pandemic has shown that telework does not inevitably lead to a decrease in performance, on the contrary. By eliminating the time needed in the morning for preparation, commute for work and distractions from office life, teleworkers have more time to devote to the tasks to be accomplished.

Beyond increased productivity, by setting up their own work schedules, full-time teleworkers gain flexibility and can better manage stress, devote more time to physical exercise and prepare more balanced meals. This flexibility makes it easier for teleworkers to practice healthy lifestyles.

Finally, work-life balance is improved. The more flexible schedule, the time and energy saved by eliminating commuting to work and its inconveniences, allows more time to be spent on family, recreation and social activities. The savings also realized can be reinvested otherwise in a more satisfactory way for the team member.

Reduced commuting fatigue, reduced stress, increased confidence, improved quality of life are among the most cited benefits of telework at Akinox. Some even find that telework allows them to be better parents.

“Why spend an hour in traffic when you can have your coffee at home before you start working?”
Claude Chagnon, Head of Happiness and Culture at Akinox.

Working from home is a component that offers employees more flexibility to help them simplify their daily lives and thus increase their satisfaction rate and as the saying goes “a happy employee, a successful company”.


Beyond flexibility, openness to international talent

Akinox is recognized for its sharp expertise in the health field. Its team of experts is made up of highly specialized and diverse talent. This diversity and unique expertise contribute to the efficiency and success of Akinox. And these talents are not just in Québec. The rest of the world is an inexhaustible source of talent for Akinox. This access is possible through remote working.

“We recruit the best in our field. These talents can be found in Europe, the United States or elsewhere in the world. We don’t want to be limited by geography. We hire based on competency and expertise in our field.”
Claude Chagnon, Head of Happiness and Culture at Akinox.

While many employees have developed a taste for remote lifestyle by necessity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at Akinox all members of the team benefit from it through the business model.

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